Your freezer is a mess?

You are losing your time searching what you think you had?

You do not find what you want?

You sometimes find an old product you thought you had already eaten?

You tried a paper sheet but it soon became a mess too? is a free web application designed to manage your freezer.


As easy to use as a sheet of paper.

We keep it simple even if there are some options.

You manage many freezers and product types. You monitor what you ate.


It's online. There is nothing to install.

You access it on the internet :

- with your browser

chrome firefox safari edge

- no matter the device

pc windows smartphone android mac iOS iPhone iPad


I made it for my family.

It is so convenient I share it.

All you need is an email address to create a free account.


Continuously upgraded, automatic updates.

You can suggest new ideas too.

Computer Smartphone and Tablet Smartphone and Tablet

Some features

No limit

Add as many locations as you need. The same for products and categories.

Enable only the options you need: expiration dates, alerts, IDs, labels, filters, ...

Find your products

A clickable summary of your inventory by category and product.

Filters and a search engine to find what you are looking for.

Customizable labels to gather products that have something in common (barbecue, homemade, ...)

Stop Waste

Following and anticipating expiration date is the best way to stop wasting.

An automatic mail alert system warns you.

See what you have left, and what is running out.

Pantry too

I use this for my pantry too.

Useful for all kind of products.

This inventory management app handles all the house stock.

Some screenshots...

Global View
Freezer inventory list
A powerful search engine
Freezer content search
A filter with the search field
Find what is in your freezer
Categories and Products shortcuts
How to manage a freezer inventory